Apple Year-In Review: Is This The Worst Year For The Tech Giant?

Every year is a wild roller coaster ride for the tech world and 2017 was the same. 2017 is the home of quite a few personal tech advancement which made the year quite the time for many tech giants. There are newcomers who made waves with amazing devices, and of course, there are tech giants who made the worst of the year. One of the big names that failed to deliver is none other than Apple yet again.

There are so many issues circulating Apple this year but perhaps the worst controversy it was apart of the last one they had. Right before the year ended, Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down iPhones so that it won’t get its battery drained when new updates come out. The issue was so big, Apple was sued. Instead of just improving the optimization of the old iPhones, Apple had to downgrade it right under our noses.

Another issue that makes us believe that 2017 is the worst year for Apple is the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. These two devices offer very little features that would make it a must buy. It doesn’t vary greatly from the iPhone 7. Worst is the fact that Apple released it so close to the iPhone X, there were not many who even noticed the device.  Moreover, the Swellgate issue of the iPhone 8 Plus is something that caught worldwide attention too.

Apple ended 2017 with a very weak bang and not many are expecting big things once 2018 arrives. With 3 iPhones planned and the HomePod still in the works, it’s hard to tell just how 2018 will be for the tech giant. All we do know for now is that they are struggling to keep their already dwindling fanbase who were once loyal customers.

Amazon Echo Is Already Winning The Smart Speaker Race

The Apple HomePod which was expected to launch this year was delayed and is now scheduled to launch sometime next year. No one is yet to know whether the delay was a good move made by Apple but from the look of things, the company might’ve made a grave mistake. Now owning the smart speaker race is none other than the Amazon Echo. Could Apple manage to beat Alexa and the Echo when the HomePod launches?

“More than one billion items were ordered from small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide this season – and over just five days, from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, nearly 140 million items were ordered from small businesses and entrepreneurs. Amazon Devices also had its best holiday yet, with tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices sold worldwide. Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote were not only the top-selling Amazon devices this holiday season, but they were also the best-selling products from any manufacturer in any category across all of Amazon,” says Amazon in a press release.

This shouldn’t be a surprise anymore as the Amazon Echo is an amazing device, to begin with. Aside from the device being cheap and formidable all-in-all, it also runs on Alexa which is undoubtedly one of the best virtual assistants out in the market currently.

The future looks even bleaker now for Apple as we’ve yet to see what the final output of the Apple HomePod will be. Apple has promised to improve the device hence the delay but it remains to be seen exactly what kind of improvements it will make.

Hopefully, Apple comes out with a breakthrough device that can at least perform decently on the market sales. One thing we do know for sure is that Apple really needs to even out the kinks of Siri.

What Apple’s New Year Resolutions should Be

Apple had a rough 2017 but let’s not forever count the tech giant out. The new year should ring in new changes for the company as it’s never too late to be back on the top levels of the playing field. If Apple wants to succeed in the next year, it should consider doing a few New Year resolutions that would do justice for them and their fans who have been patient for too long.

No More Outsourcing

One key reason why Apple can never be at the top is that it fails to stand on its own. It was revealed later this year that parts of the iPhone were outsourced from Samsung; Apple’s top competitor. Basically, whatever Apple has, Samsung already had. One big improvement they should make is to consider creating their own line of materials so that they can become a cut above the rest.

No More Cheating Users

Apple couldn’t wait for the year to end as it had to be at the center of yet another issue. This time around, the issue was that they admitted to purposely slowing the smartphones to make room for new iOS updates. The issue was so horrible, lawsuits were filed against  the company.  It’s high-time that the company becomes honest to its fans and avoid to become such cheaters.

Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past

Apple has made a ton of mistakes this year and in the past year. It’s time for the company to learn from its mistakes. If it wants to beat the likes of Samsung, Sony and other up and coming brands, it should understand that their business models are no longer working and it’s finally time to understand what the public really wants.

What To Expect From The Next iPhone SE

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Apple is working on a new budget smartphone to release next year. For all those that forgot, Apple released its first budget smartphone, the iPhone SE back in 2013. The device was indeed cheaper as compared to Apple’s other offerings but all in all, the device was lackluster. Based on what Apple delivered a while back, we already have an idea of what to expect with the next budget smartphone.

Weird Colors

If there’s one memorable feature of the iPhone SE it surely wasn’t the price of the smartphone. It was, of course, the odd colors that the devices came in. The iPhone SE was available in several brightly colored cases which definitely wasn’t the norm back then. People hated the bright colors. Apple could be implementing the same design scheme the second time around.

Not Really Expensive

The iPhone SE was priced at $400 at launch. While it was definitely cheaper than the previous smartphones that Apple had to offer, it was still expensive as compared to other high-end smartphones released by other companies. These smartphones were powerful in their own right and those looking for good devices were better off with the other offerings.

Major Downgrades

Apple has somehow managed to build powerful devices now. Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8s are pretty decent devices and they run smoothly; that is until the release of the next iPhone though.

When the next iPhone SE launches, we can expect major downgrades for the device. It could be a whole lot weaker than what Apple has to offer currently.

We’re not at all excited for what Apple is readying for the next budget iPhone but if it is anywhere close to the iPhone SE, then count us out.

Why You Should Shift To Android This 2018

It has been a rough year for Apple and the future of the tech brand looks even bleaker. At the end of this year, Apple tumbled even more with the recent controversies surrounding the company and it’s hard to believe that 2018 will be a different year for them. For those who are still stuck with the iOS ecosystem, it’s best to look towards the Android before 2018. Here are a few reasons why the iOS is a must-avoid name for the next year.

Clear Cheating Of Consumers

The most recent controversy regarding Apple is that the company admitted to slowing down the older versions of iPhones whenever a new iOS update comes out. Instead of just improving the battery life of the iPhones through software updates, the company chooses to just downgrade the device.

This is a clear cheat from Apple. Many have decided to sue the company after the recent events and we can’t blame them. As consumers, we buy smartphones expecting them to last for a really long time. If that lifespan is as long as a year before the smartphone begins to slow down, then we aren’t getting what we paid for.

The Growing Number Of Dongles

Check the bags or pockets of any iOS user and trust us, you’ll find more than 1 dongle in there. Dongles are just Apple’s latest accessory to keep iOS users busy with spending. Aside from being on the pricey side, these dongles are just a burden to have.

No Signs Of Progress

While the iPhone X is admittedly decent, it’s just hard to believe that Apple still hasn’t made any major impact on the smartphone industry yet. The tech brand is being swallowed up by competitors each year. Without having been able to produce a groundbreaking device that would make an impact in today’s tech world.

Why You Should Be Pissed About Apple’s Intentional iPhone Sabotage

It was recently revealed that Apple was intentionally slowing down the old models of the iPhone. Clearly, there were many that were pissed off with the recent events, citing that the company’s greediness has been taken to a new level that nobody expected it would reach. Still, there are those who are blind about what Apple did and they refuse to accept the fact that what the company did was wrong on many levels.

The reason why Apple intentionally slows down old iPhone models is to make sure that those iPhones don’t become rapid battery consumers when new iOS updates roll out. The reason itself was plausible but one can’t help but think that Apple has many options to prevent massive battery consumption without having to sacrifice the processing power of the iPhone. There are good reasons why the entire tech world should be pissed and Apple deserved that lawsuit.

They’re Lessening The Lifespans  Of iPhones

Smartphones should last a consumer more than a year or so. They’re not cheap devices at that so tech manufacturers should do their best to make sure that the smartphones last a long time.  With what Apple is doing, the lifespans of the old iPhones are greatly reduced because it’s slower than what it was on release. It’s made near useless and it’s unfair to the unwary consumer.

They’re Basically Forcing People To Buy New Models

Many speculate that Apple is just forcing people to buy the new models of the iPhone for personal profit. While no on can confirm this, we won’t be shocked if its true even for a bit. iPhones become more expensive each year and Apple might be doing its best to make sure that people are still willing to buy their products.

The 3 iPhones To Ruin The Next Year In Tech

One would think that after the events of the iPhone 8 being completely disregarded, Apple might’ve learned its lesson when it comes to product releases. Many expected that in the following years, Apple will try to avoid releasing products next to each other unless they are completely different offerings from the previous lineups. However, there are rumors already circulating that Apple might consider launching a total of 3 more iPhones next year again.

Apple is truly one competitive company, there’s no doubting that. After hearing that it could be launching a total of 3 iPhones again next year, we can’t help but think of who is behind the planning of the company’s product releases. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus were both complete failures because they were not only lackluster smartphones, they also launched very close to the iPhone X, leaving many to opt to save up for the more powerful smartphone instead.

One of the possible iPhone releases is said to be a larger version of the iPhone X. That’s pretty odd though as the iPhone X is already a massive device. Still, that upcoming smartphone probably has a better chance of succeeding as compared to the iPhone 8 because at least it’s just a larger version of the iPhone X.

The problem with Apple releasing multiple devices in one go is that the company can’t seem to focus on just creating one amazing device. They instead do a hit and miss run of iPhone releases. They should just focus on giving one upcoming smartphone a chance against those in the market.  Apple doesn’t even need to have an annual release for the iPhone. We’d like it a whole lot better if the company releases smartphones separately but are of quality.

Major Annoyances Of The iPhone X You Cannot Ignore

The iPhone X is a great smartphone but it is far from being perfect. Apple has perfected the aesthetic design of the smartphone and it is one of the best-looking ones out in the market currently but that’s about it. The smartphone has a few issues that fans can’t help but point out because it is both disruptive and very annoying. Here are just some of the biggest annoyances that the iPhone X has to offer.

FaceID Won’t Work When Laid Down

The FaceID is the brainchild of Apple trying to be different and be innovative at the same time. The idea of using our faces to unlock our smartphones may seem cool at first but Apple’s execution of the feature is far from being good. Fans have noticed that the FaceID doesn’t work when it is laid down flat on a table. Fans have to basically lift up the smartphone first before it can be used.

The Missing Home Button

It sucks that Apple has removed the home button from the iPhone X. This loved feature has been used by many smartphone manufacturers and Apple too. It takes time getting used to a smartphone without any buttons and perhaps the worse part about it is that the home button might no longer make a comeback. Though the problem is simple, there are a lot of people that are annoyed by this.

It’s Not The Most Finger-Friendly Smartphone

The near all-screen interface of the iPhone X does its users more harm that good. It’s definitely not a smartphone one can use single-handedly. Users will have to really extend their fingers and move their hands left and right to get the most out of the experience.

More Major Annoyances Of The iPhone X You Cannot Ignore

The latest smartphone offering of Apple is good but far from perfect, to say the least. The device carries a good design, a good concept and an above average execution of the concept. The front screen is good, the resolution is amazing and the device’s power rivals other high-end smartphones to date but the iPhone X is burdened with a ton of issues that fans want gone immediately. We’ve already listed down a few but here are some more.

Fragile Back Panel

This shouldn’t be a surprise now but the back panel of the iPhone X is VERY fragile. Many users have reported that it breaks after one drop. That shouldn’t be a surprise though as it is made of glass. Still, with Apple could’ve used better materials to at least ensure that the device won’t easily break. One drop is way to quick to break a thousand dollar smartphone.

Slow Charging Times

Before the launch of the device, Apple went on an aggressive marketing campaign wherein it flaunted all of the good sides of the iPhone X. That’s not at all wrong but what’s wrong though is that Apple told blatant lies to get the job done. One lie in particular outraged the community.

According to Apple, the wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone X charges the smartphone very fast. When the device launched, the charging was slow. To maximize the speed of charging, users had to buy another device from Apple that allows the iPhone X to finally charge at full speed.

The Price

The price of the iPhone X is just one of the biggest annoyances people have with the device. There’s nothing wrong with retailing a smartphone for a thousand dollars but if that smartphone is not worth that price, then the company who made it is in for a few raised eyebrows.

Old iPhones Slowing Down

Apple’s annual release structure of the iPhone is beginning to take its toll. The quality of the smartphones get lower year by year and soon enough, people are going to be completely discouraged with getting an iPhone. Many users of Apple’s smartphone line tend to hold out on buying some of the versions as they are contented with what they have. Besides, who would want to change smartphones on a yearly basis?

Those who’ve decided not to buy the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X are in tough luck as some users have noticed that the previous versions of the iPhone are suffering slowdowns. Simply put, the performance of other iPhones is no longer what it used to be. After the iOS 11 updates, the performance issues are easily felt and fans could know the reason behind it.

According to some theories, Apple could be intentionally slowing down older versions of the iPhone. This is to preserve the battery consumption of older versions because of the iOS 11 updates. Apple is yet to comment on the issue and the recent discovery but it looks likes the theory is true based on several benchmark tests by users.

Apple’s intentions could be good as the battery life of older iPhones is still something they should worry about. However, it’s kind of a big letdown for those who refuse to buy the latest versions of the iPhone because they’ll have to stick with slow smartphones. Even worse is the fact that the iPhones are suffering through slowdowns for unfair reasons on part of the users.

Many are claiming that Apple is just forcing users to buy the new iPhones but we can’t be too quick to judge. If this is true though then we wouldn’t be too surprised.